That feeling

When you are surrounded by people and yet you feel so left alone?
Yeah I’m feeling that right now.
I feel like the forever alone guy.

– M


Trying out

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I am such a slacker.

See how long it had been? But let me make it up to you.

For the past days I have been checking things to post here. Some of them old and some of them new.  While browsing, I stumbled on a blog i really liked however, in order to follow I needed bloglovin. Let me see this.


– M

What is wrong with me

I should get my shit straight. I’ve been a sloth for the past few days and I have a lot of to do lists.

What is this.

What is happening.

Oh, right. I’m about to have my period. Mother nature, your monthly reminder has to be equal. It’s unfair we shed blood every month and boys are all find and dandy.

I. have. a. life.

Stop delaying my to do lists. Not to mention I always buy pain killers. I could buy a new pair of shoes with it. Think about that.


– M

Video feature

As I checked on my vine account it seems that a lot of the new post were about instagram having its feature to upload a video.

The video lasts up to 15 seconds. Though a few had been updating their instagram as well to have both accounts. I found at least 3 videos saying goodbye to vine and more than 10 saying instagram sucks.

I haven’t tried instagram’s new feature yet but I should stay away from vine for a while. Too much protest videos.

– M


is a talent. 

Yes. Patience is not a virtue anymore but a talent. I went on a consultation today. For regular check ups just to be sure. That regular check up ended in 3 hours. 

Annnd a vaccine costs $300. Great. 

But despite all of this, it was still nice for someone to check up on me from time to time. I am currently in a I-don’t-want-to-move-or-do-anything mood. Let me postpone going to th grocery until tomorrow. I wouldn’t die today if I starved. 

Thank you

Thank you.
I may not always say this. But maybe one day you will stumble on this.
Thank you for:
Taking care of me.
For not sleeping until you are sure I am safe home.
For going over your lunch break just to drive me to work.
For thinking whats best for me and my future even if we might not end up together.
For telling me to take care of myself.
For getting angry if I haven’t had water in a day.
For all your sacrifices.

This is a simple reminder for me. To always check this whenever I feel insecure and think you may find someone better than me. You don’t know how much those things mean to me. I am thankful I met you. With all my baggage and hang ups, you’re still here for me.

I love you.

– M